Child Psychology

Child Psychology

Psychology is the science that studies human nature, function, and phenomena related to the attributes of the mind. Child psychology is defined as the science that deals with the child’s mental power and the interaction between their conscious and subconscious mind.

During the years of specialization, dentists undergo an extensive study about children’s psychology as it is vital for dentists to understand why children often exhibit signs of fear before visiting a dentist.

Oral health is a vital part of maintaining healthy gums and teeth. Children often experience uneasiness before a dental visit as they fear of pain. As dentists, we are trained to understand the psychology of fear and to understand the cause behind it. With this training in hand, we ensure that our patients experience maximum comfort during their visits to Palmdale Children’s Dental.

What causes fear in children?

With years of practicing dentistry, we understand that the cause of fear in children of visiting the dentist is due to two primary reasons. One, being a bad experience and the other being a convinced understanding that visiting a dentist would lead to pain due to the former experience.

As dentists, we understand this challenge, and hence, the dental team would take measures to ensure that children visiting the dentists’ office are given the freedom to interact with the team and feel comfortable before any dental examination.

Your child’s experience at Palmdale Children’s Dentistry

Dr. Sadek treats children as smart little people capable of making the right decision once they get educated about dental health. He passionately believes that with age-appropriate communication and changing the children’s emotional state from fear to excitement before teaching them about their teeth, even the youngest of patients will choose to have their teeth fixed. He gains so much trust with the children that they feel comfortable and happy visiting the dental office. We rarely use injections/anesthetics and instead, only use dental sedation such as nitrous oxide, increasing the safety and comfort of treatment.

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