Nitrous Oxide & Sedation Dentistry

Nitrous Oxide & Sedation Dentistry

Patients are often nervous before a dental appointment. The thought of having to go to the dentist for a procedure can instill fear in the minds of patients due to the thought of needles or pain. As dentists, we understand this challenge. Anxiety is generally caused when the patient either had an experience with the dentist that ended badly or in cases where the patient has a history of oral health conditions.

To bring down fear and anxiety about the fear of a dental procedure, dentists administer patients with a safe, colorless, and gaseous form of sedation which is popularly known as the Laughing Gas instead of the traditional aesthetics.

What is Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous Oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is popularly known as laughing gas. It is a gaseous form of sedation that is administered to the patient before a dental procedure to ensure ease and comfort. The patient can inhale it with the help of a nosepiece. It is a commonly used dental sedation that helps the patient to relax and ease off from any anxiety.

How is Nitrous Oxide administered?

The gaseous form of dental sedation is administered to the patient with the help of a nose piece/inhalation tube. The levels of Nitrous Oxide can be externally monitored, and its volume can be increased or decreased. The sedation will allow patients to relax and feel comfortable during a dental procedure. Unlike a local anesthesia/general anesthesia, the sedation does not knock off all voluntary senses of the patient. The patient will be able to respond to questions and be conscious throughout a procedure.

Is Nitrous Oxide safe?

This gaseous form of sedation is safe and provides patients with optimum comfort and relaxation during a dental procedure. Nitrous Oxide does not get the patient to sleep off during a procedure. Nitrous Oxide is the perfect form of dental sedation that we administer to children before a dental procedure.

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