Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry

Laser dentistry is a new advance in the field of dentistry. Patients need not worry about needles, drills or shots thanks to the use of the laser technology. With the help of water shots or light waves, dentists can now perform procedures without the need for heavy instruments. An example is the WaterLase Laser technology that helps to provide cuts and shapes without the need for contact or pressure. It is highly effective on gum and bone tissues.

How does this technology work?

A laser emits energy in the form of light waves. The laser light gets absorbed by a particular target, and its intensity can be controlled externally. These targets can be decaying gum tissues, tissues of teeth, etc. Different surfaces tend to absorb different frequencies of light waves. By using laser dentistry, dentists can now treat soft and hard tissues of the mouth. The advantage of laser dentistry is that it requires no needles or shots and are entirely safe for children. 

What are the advantages of laser dentistry?

Laser dentistry has several advantages. Here are a few:

  • It is safe for children.
  • No needles, drills, or shots.
  • No anesthesia.
  • Can repair hard or soft tissues.
  • Produces no heat or vibration.
  • Provides comfort during a procedure.
  • Eliminates the need for sutures.
  • Reduced healing period.
  • Can easily diagnose cavities.

What are the areas of dental care that can benefit from laser technology?

Laser dentistry provides the ideal means to re-shape and re-counter tissues of the bones and gums. It is natural that an uneven or disfigured gum line to have a bad impact on the smile. Here are the areas of dental care that can benefit from laser technology.

  • Diagnosis and removal of dental cavities.
  • Teeth whitening
  • Periodontal, or gum related care
  • Pediatric procedures
  • Ulcer treatment (canker sore)
  • Frenectomy (tongue-tie release) without anesthesia or sutures
  • Root canals and apicoectomy procedures.
  • Crown lengthening, gingivectomy, and other gum corrections

Laser technology has known to be safe and convenient for children as it uses no needle, drills, or shots. Our team is personally committed to understanding children’s dental goals from their own perspective. We work closely with children to develop an individualized treatment plan for creating a healthier and happier smile.

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