At Palmdale Children’s Dental, CA, our primary focus is on improving the well-being of our patients. The combination of Pediatrics and Dentistry at our practice aims at improving the dental health, overcome anxiety and fear in children, and train them to pick up the right dental hygiene habits. At our practice, the team has a way of interacting and connecting with children, helping them feel at ease. 

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric Dentistry is one of the specialized branches of dentistry that is dedicated to the oral health of children. A pediatric dentist is qualified to diagnose and treat conditions related to a child’s teeth, gums, and mouth. Children attain their first set of teeth for six to seven months, but by the ages of six and seven years, they begin to lose their first set of teeth and are replaced by the permanent ones. The American Association of Pediatrics advises parents to visit their child to the dentist by the age of seven as proper dental care would help their children achieve a beautiful smile.

What is the role of a Pediatric Dentist?

The role of a pediatric dentist includes providing a complete dental health care plan for children. It includes:
  • Oral health exams for infants.
  • Nutrition and diet recommendations.
  • Emphasizes preventive dentistry.
  • Promoting preventive dentistry.
  • Performs regular dental cleanings and exams.
  • Diagnosis of dental conditions.
  • Treating tooth cavities, gum diseases, and others.
  • Advising aftercare routines post-dental procedure.
  • Caring for external injuries.
As a published author of, A Bug Named Yuk — a children’s book about dental health — Dr. Sadek has a way of connecting with children and making them feel comfortable during their visits to the dental office. Dr. Sadek treats children as smart little people who are capable of making the right decision once they get educated about dental health. He passionately believes that with age-appropriate communication and changing the children’s emotional state from fear to excitement before teaching them about their teeth, even the youngest of patients will choose to have their teeth fixed. He gains so much trust with the children that he rarely uses injections/anesthetics and instead only uses nitrous oxide, increasing the safety and comfort of treatment.

For more information about pediatric dentistry, please schedule an appointment online or call us at (661) 266-0300 to consult with our pediatric dentist, Dr. Sadek. We also serve Lancaster, Tehachapi, Rosemont, Quartz Hill, Leona Valley, and Littlerock areas.

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